On-Site Maintenance, Sales and Installations
Fire Extinguishers
All types/brands
Low/high pressure hydro test
12 year warranty on fire extinguishers
10 year discharge warranty on systems
2 year warranty on repairs or parts

TSME has the unique feature of providing service at your door step. TSME's mobile workshop-cum-truck can handle on-site recharges, and low pressure hydro testing, as well as maintenance and repairs, thereby providing an instant solution.
Ansul Portable & Wheeled type fire extinguishers
  (all types)
Automatic Fire Suppression Systems
Ansul Inergen Suppression Systems
Anusl R-102 Kitchen Suppression
Ansul Sapphire Suppression Systems
  (Novec 1230)
Ansul Low and High Pressure CO2 Systems
Ansul Dry Chemical Systems
Ansul Foam Hardware and Systems
Ansul Twin Agent Systems
Pyro-chem FM200 Clean Agent Systems
Protecting Areas:
Petrochemical and Utility Plants
Financial and Telecom Facilities
Control Rooms, Computer Rooms
Art galleries and other high value assets
LNG filling stations, Flamable liquid areas
Restaurants/Kitchens, etc.
Rapid Intervention Vehicle:
(Ansul Magnum 480 Fire Truck)
Inspection and maintenance of fire fighting systems

Kitchen Suppression Systems:
Inspection and Maintenance
every 6 months, recitification, refilling, etc.

Service of Ansul Automatic Suppression   Systems
ANSUL, NFPA, Fire Extinguishers